A-Z of sex word meaning

Don't know what a word means? Then use our glossary to find out!

Unerect Penis

A boy's penis when it is in its natural state, soft and un-aroused.

Unplanned Pregnancy

A pregnancy that is not planned and is upsetting to the girl who has become pregnant.

Unprotected Sex

Having sex without using any contraception which may lead to pregnancy or catching an STI.


This the medical term for the tube which your pee comes down and out of.


Also called wee or pee, urine is produced in the kidneys and is made up of excess water and toxic waste from food.

Urine Sample

When you pee in a bottle and give it to a nurse or doctor to examine for infection. This is used for testing males for Chlamydia, and this or a swab can be used for Chlamydia testing in females.

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