A-Z of sex word meaning

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Date Rape

When someone goes on a date and then forces their date to have sex with them against their will.

Dental Dam

A small sheet of latex which acts as a barrier between the vagina or anus and mouth, used during oral sex.


Another name for the cap - a contraceptive device placed over the neck of the womb.


The passing of frequent and watery stools (poo) when you go to the toilet.


A pretend penis usually made from rubber or plastic that people can use to give themselves, or their partner, sexual pleasure.


Wet stuff that comes out of a penis or vagina. For girls, discharge from the vagina is normal and will happen from puberty through to the menopause. It is produced by little glands in the vagina and the cervix. It will change during the month and can make sex more pleasurable. If the discharge is a funny colour or smells unpleasant, girls should visit their local NHS Sexual Health (GUM) clinic, GP or nurse, Young Persons Sexual Health, or Family Planning clinic in case of an infection. For boys, discharge from the penis is not normal and quite likely indicates an STI. The quicker it is checked out the better.

Doggy style

A sexual position where the woman is kneeling on all fours and the man enters her from behind.


A slang term for a lesbian.

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