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Bacterial Vaginosis

A very common infection of the vagina which can cause smelly, fishy discharge.


Another name for a man's testicles.

Barrier Methods

Any method of contraception that puts a barrier between sperm and egg like a condom or cap.


The fear or dislike of someone who identifies as bi, or the mistreatment of that person because of their bi identity or perceived bi identity.

Birth Control

Another way of saying contraception. For more information about contraception methods click here.


Someone who fancies both men and women. See our LGBTQ page to find out more.

Blood Test

A few drops of blood are taken, usually from the vein, by a doctor or nurse using a syringe. The blood will be sent to a laboratory to be tested.

Blow Job

When someone puts a man's penis into their mouth to give pleasure. Also known as oral sex.


Also known as boobs, tits and the bust. The main function of breasts is to give milk to babies and they develop, or grow, during puberty.


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