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Gambling is when people take part in a game of chance –

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Types of gambling include things such as scratch cards, fruit machines or betting with friends – and stake money or something of value on their predicted outcome.

This can go one of two ways – predict correctly and increase your prize, predict incorrectly and lose the money or object you gambled with.

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Gambling is done for lots of different reasons, but most people will start gambling as a way to have fun. It's worth considering that gambling companies spend a lot of money on advertising on TV as well as increasingly on social media.

Around 80% of young people will have gambled at some point in their lives, with 2% of young people between 12-15 developing gambling problems which can lead to a negative impact on their life both at this age and into their adult years.

GamCare offers a range of help and advice. You can browse the website for more information about gambling and problem gambling.

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They can give you friendly, confidential advice about your situation, offer tips on how to control your gambling, and if you would like further help, they can refer you to the right people.

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