Emotional health & well-being

Our bodies and minds make up the amazing unique machine that is us – a machine that works every day to get us through life. It’s important to keep both body and mind healthy so they can work together the best they can.

When we talk about our bodies we talk about physical health – when we talk about mind we talk about emotional well-being, otherwise known as mental health.

Emotional well-being is having enough energy, headspace, confidence and resilience (emotional fitness) to enjoy life, dealing with any challenges that come our way. It does not mean we are always happy, never ill or nervous, angry or afraid. It means we feel generally well and positive, and that when we come across challenges and opportunities we are in the best place to take them on, cope, survive and thrive.

There are all sorts of things that can affect our emotional well-being including the experiences we have, the people we know, and where we live – we have the potential to learn from, and get stronger with, every experience.

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