Getting Emotionally Fit / Building Resilience

Getting emotionally fit takes practice and time and energy – we don’t have to have the equivalent of a mental six pack, but doing enough to stay fit enough is important.

There is a list below of some of the things that you can work towards to help you get or stay mentally fit. Some of them may be a challenge while others may be easier. All of us have to work on lots of these throughout life.

  • Making friends who make you feel valued, make you laugh and who you trust and feel safe with. Checking in on who you are hanging around with from time to time to make sure it feels right.
  • Being in control of your own life and decisions
  • Feeling confident and happy in your own skin
  • Getting exercise and fresh air
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Being able to ask for help
  • Knowing yourself and what you do and don't want out of life (this will help you make good decisions in the face of pressure)
  • Being able to say yes and no and mean it (& stick to it)
  • Being able to understand and communicate your feelings
  • Being able to be open and express who you are
  • Learning to have positive thoughts
  • Accepting yourself just as you are
  • Balancing time between work/college/family/friends/interests
  • Being able to learn from experience and not beat yourself up when you mess up
  • Learning to trust and act on our experience, judgements and instincts
  • Learning to bat off the comments from the “haters” but accept criticism that’s helpful
  • Learning to accept compliments
  • Knowing our needs are important and that we have a right to make choices and live as you want (within the law)
  • Not treating yourself or allowing others to treat you badly
  • Not taking unnecessary risks

Getting and staying emotionally fit can help us deal with a lot of the challenges we face in life, but sometimes we don’t feel that “head strong” at all, and sometimes we feel small or we just don’t feel we can solve a problem on our own. In this situation talking to someone can help us find a way to build ourselves up.