Emotional Well-being: A to Z of Word Meanings

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Doing something good for others is one of the best ways to do good for ourselves. Doing some voluntary work in the community can help us deal with all sorts of mental health problems as it:

  • Gets us out and doing something positive
  • Helps us feel proud
  • Helps us learn new skills
  • Helps us connect with people
  • Improves our self esteem
  • Takes our minds off problems for a while
  • Helps us find work / build experience for applying for jobs
  • Helps us build life skills and feel better about what we have to contribute

You can volunteer on all sorts of projects doing all kinds of wonderful things.

If you would like to look for a volunteering opportunity you can search at Vinspired, Young Place Shapers or Go Kingston You might be nervous about applying if your confidence is a little low. Asking for some help from someone you know, telling the place you are applying to that you feel a little unsure, or volunteering with a friend can help you to build your confidence and get that first foot through the door.

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