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There are all sorts of relationships, ones with family, ones with people at work, college or school, relationships with neighbours and then there are the relationships that are to do with fancying someone, sex or dating.

Healthy relationships are relationships that are safe, where everyone knows where they stand, and where everyone gets what they want out of it. They can be short, long, “committed” or open – but so long as its legal and there is honesty, safety and respect then whatever relationship a person chooses is cool.

Being in a healthy relationship can make us feel good about ourselves, give us chance to learn more about who we are and what we want, and can just generally be brilliant.

Being in an unhealthy relationship or having an unhealthy encounter can be really bad for our mental health, our self-image and self-esteem and it can even have a long term impact on our lives.


  • The ending of any relationship (healthy or unhealthy) can make a person feel all sorts of feelings and affect their mental health and self-image (even for the person who ends it)
  • Being in a relationship we know that is unhealthy can feel awful on a day to day basis but it can feel hard to leave.
  • Being in healthy relationships or having healthy dates and experiences can make life sweet. (just don’t forget your mates and all the other things you want to do in life)

Ending a relationship at any time in life can really hurt. People who think young people can’t feel love or get hurt or that their relationships are unimportant because of their age are wrong.

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