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You will be directed to call the service first or go online, for example, to use online STI testing. Please check on the relevant local service webpages for details before visiting any service.

Do not attend any health service if you suspect you have Coronavirus. Please check the latest NHS information and advice at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus. This includes information about using the NHS 111 service if your need is urgent.

Get It (ONLINE) - Free Testing Kits & Condoms

Telephone: 020 8305 5002

Website: https://getit.org.uk


Send for a FREE Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing kit and condoms if you’re between 16-24!

What is Get it?

Get it is a free and confidential service, facilitated by METRO Charity, for young people to access condoms and/or Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing kits dependent on their location.

<< To find out more, see Get It's promotional video here >>

Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing kits

Young people between 16-24 wishing to order Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing kits online can visit https://getit.org.uk. Once they have registered, they can order a screening kit which will be sent to their chosen address in plain packaging. The service is confidential, which means that no information will be passed on to anyone else e.g. parents, partners, friends, teachers or GP without your knowledge.

Young people can also collect testing kits from physical sites participating in the scheme such as pharmacies, GP’s, youth clubs, schools and universities. When registering at one of the outlets a trained professional will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.


The C-Card is a small oyster-type card, which allows anyone under 25 to get free condoms from anywhere displaying the C-Card logo or online.

How will I be able to get a C-Card?

Young people can register for condoms to be delivered to their homes and simultaniously be registered for a C-Card via https://getit.org.uk. To register and order condoms online you have to be 16 or over. Upon registration either a physical C-Card or an electronical C-Card will be sent to you along with guidance to help you access distribution outlets.

You can also register by popping into one of the places displaying the C-Card logo if you are under 16 or want to speak to someone in person. A trained professional will walk you through the registration process, have a conversation around safe sex and healthy relationships, answer any questions you may have and ask for your date of birth and postcode. This information is confidential and will be used to help us develop the service in the future.

The registration should take around 15 minutes. Upon completion, you will be issued with a C-Card. You can then visit any Get it registered outlet to top up on condoms (12 at a time).


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