Legal highs and steroids

Legal highs are products which are sold legally for another use, e.g. plant food or air freshener. They are sometimes used to mimic the effect of illegal drugs. Many people think that it’s ok to use them because they are sold legally but they can cause many of the same bad and fatal consequences of illegal drugs. The government has made many of them illegal in the last few years. Get all the facts about legal highs at Talk to Frank.

Anabolic steroids are sometimes illegally used to build muscle and improve performance in sport. They can cause addiction and if taken throughout your teenage years they can cause aging of the bones and restricted growth. Some young men take steroids to improve their body image with some suffering from reverse anorexia, where they believe they can’t get big enough.

If you are worried and want to speak to someone about your use of legal; highs or steroids, there are lots of free, friendly and confidential services in your local area.

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