50 ways to show someone you love them, without having sex

Make love special

These are the top 50 suggestions that young people in SW London said they would promise to do to show someone they loved them without having sex:

  1. Support and appreciate you
  2. Give you a cuddle
  3. Look after you when you're ill
  4. Pay you lots of compliments
  5. Make you a present
  6. Respect you for who you are
  7. Take you out for dinner or cook for you
  8. Send you a romantic text message
  9. Be honest with you
  10. Surprise you
  11. Give you your own space
  12. Be faithful to you/not cheat on you
  13. Be understanding
  14. Respect your decisions
  15. Always think about how you feel
  16. Share their feelings with you
  17. Go to the seaside with you
  18. Hold your hand
  19. Stay in and watch a movie with you
  20. Walk you home, to your door
  21. Give you a neck/back massage
  22. Run you a warm bubble bath
  23. Watch football with you
  24. Buy you flowers or chocolates
  25. Shelter you from the rain
  26. Watch you play sports
  27. Open the door for you
  28. Make you a cup of tea
  29. Walk your dog for you in the morning
  30. Express their feelings and emotions to you
  31. Not push you into things you aren't ready for
  32. Make you breakfast in bed
  33. Show you affection
  34. Get on well with your family
  35. Smile whenever they see you
  36. Send you a good morning text
  37. Be patient with you
  38. Accept you as you are
  39. Buy you teddies
  40. Play on your Xbox and let you win
  41. Express love in words
  42. Let you be yourself
  43. Write you a poem
  44. Say ‘I love you’ every day
  45. Write something nice on your Facebook wall
  46. Kiss you
  47. Write a sexy message on your back and get you to guess what it says
  48. Listen to what you say
  49. Spend time with you
  50. Leave you little notes to make you smile